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Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing Strategy for SEO, B2B, websites, Businesses

What is Content Marketing?


All the commercial activities carried out by anyone for the purpose of generating sales, increase business lead, spreading brand awarness, boosting product portfolio through commercial mail can be defined as Email Promotion. But it is not that much easy. You may be thinking that you will get mail list from somewhere and sending the bulk mail through any type of bulk email service provider and you will get done your email promotion. If you are considering this process, you will never get encouraging results. And after repeated failure, probably you will say that mail is not worthy as far as promotional aspect is concern. Some other aspects also be taken care in email promotion. You may be thinking that email marketing can be done in large number of group people. It is absolutely wrong. You may send the mail to your existing client to retain and nurturing them. It is also one type of email marketing. Because you are sending your mail for specific commercial purposes. So email marketing can be used at every level of sales and promotion journey from the prospective client to conversion of that client and from conversion to existing client. In every stage you need email marketing. But you need different type of strategy and mail content for each stage. You have to take care your mail should be permission based. If you are sending the mails without the permission of the receivers then you may be in trouble. You must have permission to send the mails. Therefore paid mail list is not appropriate for mails. You have to create your own mailing list via paid advertisements, website visit, mobile promotion, enabling cookies policy in your websites, etc. So you have to be very cautious before sending the mails.

Types of Content Marketing


You can perform several types of content marketing in different formats and platforms. Different types of platforms need different types of information formats. If you want to create your content for your YouTube Channel, then your information must be in video format. For Pinterest, you need infographics mostly. Let me give some thorough understating about the different types of content marketing formats and channels.

1. Video content: As you know, in today's online revolution era, video information is very significant to draw your audience's attention. Your first video content channel must be your YouTube channel because it is the No.1 video-sharing website on the earth. It is a channel known for knowledge gathering. People are updating and increasing their knowledge in their interested fields. Of course, your video information can be distributed on a number of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn but the best suitable platform for your video information is YouTube. So be there first and try to optimize your YouTube channels and your content to be viewed by a number of people. In the present scenario, video content plays a significant role in getting a good lead for your business. If you publish good quality information on YouTube and if liked by the viewers, then YouTube itself promotes your content without any cost because it raises the viewers' watch time. YouTube is more interested in promoting those information that the viewers like. In the form of video, you can give your content.

2. Social Media Post: You have to create a good design graphic for your social media post in this category. As you know, people use social media websites for entertaining purposes mostly. Of course, these are the channels that also play some role in increasing the knowledge of their viewers. But most of the audience use it for entertainment purposes. Create your content for your social media handles very engaging. You can also use some entertaining informational posts, but you have to take care of your content and audience. So use your social media content according to your audience and your business industry.

3. Blog posting: It is also a great content marketing type. When you have your website and want to rank your website organically on a search engine, then blog posting activity can be proved an excellent strategy for your content marketing. Blog posting is one significant element of SEO. When you have done your page SEO, then a blog post is the only option to update your website—updating the website boost up the algorithm of the search engines. But remember, your blog must contain the relevant keywords of your industry. The primary purpose of posting a blog is only ranking, and you need keywords for ranking. So include the best keywords of your business.

4. Podcasting: In a more straightforward form of podcasting in audio format. So your audio content is required to approach podcasting channels like an anchor. FM. These are podcast channels. If you want to drag your audience who are available on podcasts platform, then you have to create audio content. It should be in informative form. You can add your YouTube video extracted audio for your podcasting informational. It will save your time to create new informational for the audio format

5. Email Content: Email marketing is one of the best ROI-generating online marketing activities. To encase this strategy effectively, you need rich information to attract your audience to open your email and read over it. To enhance your open rate, you need good refined information. Your email marketing strategy will entirely depend on the information you provide in your email. So choose great information to succeed in the email marketing campaign.

6. Website Content: You create a website, and you give detailed information about your company, products, services, case studies, rewards, etc., all are considered content marketing. And information in the website plays playing a significant role in SEO. A good and keyword based content is compulsory to rank your web page. Therefore the content is a mandatory factor in the website.

Content Marketing Strategy

Once you understand that content marketing is a crucial and significant aspect of your digital journey, you should decide the strategy of your content marketing. Without a proper and thorough process, your content marketing will not produce a good result for your efforts.

1. Objective: You have to determine your objective, why you want to create content, and for which purpose. Then decide your information accordingly. You should be clear in your goal or objective. Your objective will determine your strategy. For example, if you want to generate leads through YouTube, the information will be different, and if you're going to increase the number of subscribers of your YouTube channel, then your content will be different. So first, identify your objective.

2.Market Analysis: Identify the market potential of your industry. You have to keep close eyes on present market scenario. If you are not updating from market trends, your information will not be used. You should also be mindful of the competition in your industry. The highly competitive market needs a high level of content, and it also does not guarantee your expected result. Therefore, you must do a market analysis before creating material.

3. Audience: If you have a clear vision and in-depth market analysis, the next step is to identify your potential audience. You should have explicit knowledge about your targeted customers. Your content strategy will guided by your targeted audience.

4. Platforms: After creating your content, you should be aware of which platform you should publish content for effective results. Because the material made for social media websites may not use for your video-sharing website like YouTube, you need different kinds and different types of formats of each platform's content. Your platform will decide which type of material you should create. Exactly, the reverse is also possible that your material will also determine the platform in minor circumstances.

5. Website: To execute good content marketing, you need a website. If you want to post an informative blog, your website is the best option. Of course, there is another option to post your blog, but your website will enable your content marketing more efficiently.

6. Keywords: It is a group of words used for search queries. For example, if someone hires a digital marketing service, the keyword will be "digital marketing service" or "digital marketing company." So that is the keyword. Your blog should bear your industry keywords. Without keywords, your blog never is ranked. So the keyword is the most crucial factor for ranking.

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