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What is YouTube Ads?


What are YouTube Advertisements, so you want to run out on YouTube. But you do not know where to begin your first YouTube advertisement and how to make sure it is wildly profitable. Let us get straight into it, but before we jump into how you can create some advertisements go through some of the numbers because you need to understand how big of an opportunity YouTube advertising is. YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users and is the second most popular website globally now in the U.S.A. alone; It has made billions of dollars in advertising revenue. People consumes millions of hours of its video every day. So you have to get yourselves on the start of every one of those videos or however many you can to your target audience. Approximately 90% of video influencers are using this platform as their core video sharing. It goes about saying it is an incredibly lucrative platform, and your customers are not using it best you believe it. So let us go through how we can create some maps. But first of all, let us understand the actual YouTube advertisement structure. How does it all work? .

So the first thing we have at the top is our Google ads account, also known previously known as an AdWords account. So we need to create one of the first but then within that have advertisement campaigns, we then have advertisement groups, keywords, ad creative, and finally our landing page where we are driving traffic through. So let us break these down one by one. The advertisement account, the Google ad account, is where you manage your Google and YouTube advertising account. Why do you run YouTube advertisement on the Google ad platform similar to Facebook and Instagram? Facebook owns Instagram, and so when you want to create Instagram adverts, you just make them on the Facebook advertisement platform. Now underneath our ad account, we have advertisement campaigns. This is the type of advert we will be running, so this could be a display advertisement or an in-stream ad. For example, we will break down each of these when we create one. We then have an ad group, so this is what audience we are targeting. We do not have keywords. Keywords control where your advertisement is triggered within search queries, so we target people based on what they are searching for on YouTube and then have them as creative. The video will appear when your ad is triggered and then, finally, our landing page. So this is the destination where each advertisement will direct our audience. So when somebody clicks on our advertisement, this is where they will be brought to. So there are a whole different bunch of YouTube ad formats. We will be focusing on two of the most effective YouTube ads. It is definitely for beginners when you are just starting your journey. That is in-stream skippable ads and non-skip of labs but focusing on skippable ads, which is from my experience from our digital marketing agency experience where we get the most return on investment.

What are the requirements for YouTube Ads


Different category of YouTube Ads


Why You Should run YouTube Video Advertisement


As you already know and I have already discussed hereinabove that it is the second most popular website globally, and there are more than 2 billion active monthly users at present. Therefore there is enormous scope for marketing. People are more eager to use it as their favourite screen time in the present scenario. People use it for various purposes like learning new things, getting informed, getting updated, etc. The marketing principle strongly suggests that the marketer should be present over there where the audience is available. So it is the second most important platform for digital marketing.

How Ace Digital Care work in YouTube Marketing?


Running a YouTube Ad using a Google Ads account is not very hard. After watching two-three videos on it, you can start your first YouTube Video advertisement. And of course, many people are advertising on it without in-depth knowledge of Google Ads and its terminology. Without a proper understanding of the terminology of Google Ads, like what is C.P.C., C.P.M., C.T.R., etc., you will not be able to run your Ads profitable, and your hard-earned money will be wasted. After repeated non-profitable ads, people probably said that these are useless things. Such kind of approach is not appropriate. To run an effective and profitable video Ad is requires a technical process. The expert digital marketing executive of Ace Digital Care will run your YouTube video ad in such a way that you can expect a high-value return on your investment (R.O.I.). Join us with Ace Digital Care because we caring the business. A.D.C. | Ace Digital Care | Best YouTube Marketing Services, Agency, Strategist, Influencer Marketing, Video & Channel Promotion. YouTube Video Marketing Strategy. Just make a call for an appointment and get your free business strategy for Youtube Marketing. Join with us because we caring the business.