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What is Email marketing


All the commercial activities carried out by anyone for the purpose of generating sales, increase business lead, spreading brand awarness, boosting product portfolio through commercial mail can be defined as Email Promotion. But it is not that much easy. You may be thinking that you will get mail list from somewhere and sending the bulk mail through any type of bulk email service provider and you will get done your email promotion. If you are considering this process, you will never get encouraging results. And after repeated failure, probably you will say that mail is not worthy as far as promotional aspect is concern. Some other aspects also be taken care in email promotion. You may be thinking that email marketing can be done in large number of group people. It is absolutely wrong. You may send the mail to your existing client to retain and nurturing them. It is also one type of email marketing. Because you are sending your mail for specific commercial purposes. So email marketing can be used at every level of sales and promotion journey from the prospective client to conversion of that client and from conversion to existing client. In every stage you need email marketing. But you need different type of strategy and mail content for each stage. You have to take care your mail should be permission based. If you are sending the mails without the permission of the receivers then you may be in trouble. You must have permission to send the mails. Therefore paid mail list is not appropriate for mails. You have to create your own mailing list via paid advertisements, website visit, mobile promotion, enabling cookies policy in your websites, etc. So you have to be very cautious before sending the mails.

Is email marketing is worth?


Yes, it is absolutely worth. Because as per some advanced statistic forecasted that mail user will increase more than 45 crores in 2023. Moreover more than 300 billion mail transaction are carried out each day. Its average return on investments higher than any other promotions. Means you are spending Rs.1 Rupee on each mail you may get return about Rs.40 which is highest as per my opinion. However, if you buy a mailing list from online stuff and start your mailing campaign, it will not give you such extraordinary result even your open rate will also be lowest. You should send your mail to targeted audience. However, if you have your own targeted audience, but you are sending only commercial mails then also your mailing campaign can be failed. You have to be careful while sending your mailings to your audience.

Strategy of Email Marketing


Types of Email Marketing

There are number of ways and types for email marketing but as per my opinion and experience I have gathered during my digital journey, I came across these 4 types of email promotions campaign
  • 1. Story Telling Mails : This type of mails is very effective to increse the engagement level of your audience and with the increased engagement , you can sell your product or services. So this some kind of great technique for promotions. The story can be anything. You can derived it from your customer, experience, your past events, some emotional touch of your company, etc.
  • 2. Video Mails : As you know, it is very well known fact, that in today’s scenario, the videos are very imperative strategy to accelerate you business. So in Mails you can send your video content with third party embedded video like you can send the URL link of your YouTube video. You can combined it with storytelling mail with video telling. You can send your testimony in the form of videos.
  • 3. Informative Mails: You can send you company's details and information about your product, about your services, your events, your current market position. You can send newsletter to updating your client's knowledge and so you may be able to establish good reputation with your clients.
  • 4. Automated Mails: The mails are to be sent via use of some special tools designed for this purpose only like mailchip, getresponse, etc. The automation mails are reduces your direct engagement with email marketing. Once you have to set the time, sequence, conditions and you will be through for mails, all the emails will be sent on their fulfilled criteria settled by you. The email marketing is extremely effective, if you use it on automation technique.
  • Email Marketing Automation

    Please understand that email promotions is not a type of marketing process which should be done on manually. It must be on automation form. Because if you are trying to send your mails then the purpose of doing campaign will not be fulfilled at all. Now a days, email promotions means, it must be on automation mode. Let me elaborate in details. If you are running PPC ads for your Digital Marketing Services and expect to buy your service through this ad. By assuming that some people are giving their mailing address for further query. If you are replying those visitors via mailing manually then you may be missing someone. Whereas, if you are doing automation email promotions then each visitors will be taken care. If some visitors interested to buy your service, then, such visitors needs prompt reply from your side via mailing, this is possible only with automation campaign. So there are many other technique which are prevailing at present to use automation. There are many advantages to automate your campaign. It gives some personalised experiences to your prospective audience and of course your existing customers. It encourages the retention rate of your existing customers. Due to automation strategy by tools, you will be able to measure your campaign like you come to know about the open rate, bounce rate, and click through rate, conversion rate all this things can be measured by automated email promotions campaign. If you set automation sequence, then you will be able to send mails without much efforts and thereby reducing your man power engagement in campaign.

    There are many tools or software are available to implement your automated email marketing campaign. Such as, Mailchip, Getresponse, Zoho, etc. If you search on Google you will find large number of such tools for email marketing. But these are the most famous as per my opinion. You can create email marketing campaign by using Google Ads. Yes, Google ads provides email marketing but it is limited to only Gmail users only. With the help of Google Ads, you can send mails to all the Gmail user based on your targeted audience, location, interest, budget, etc. So these are some advantage of email marketing through Google Ads.

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