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What is Google My Business?


It is an excellent service provided by Google free of cost. It is mainly focused on local businesses. Suppose you have your own profession within your location only and want to make a robust digital presence. In that case, Google My Business can prove a significant digital marketing strategy factor. There are several other names of Google My Business like GMB, local SEO, Google listing, Google registration, Local Profession SEO. When you search for something on Google, you find first three company listings without a website are the Google My Company listings. It is quite a rapid process to get your company digitally. For example, you search Grocery stores near me or restaurants near me, or the best Salon in my area, so there are some local searches and whose GMB is well optimized, will rank on the first three company listings. So, it is Google My Business. If you are thinking about Digital Marketing for your profession, then Google My Business is the first step.

Advantage of Google My Business


You may be heard about yellow pages or the old telephone directory. You need to turn several pages to find out our desired business. After applying time-consuming efforts, you may not be guaranteed to get a satisfactory result. But with GMB, you have to type on your device, and you will find the best option for your query. Most of the queries are finding via smartphones. As of now you must aware about the advantage for your company to create and optimize properly GMB. Remember, this is free, but there is still more. You should provide thorough information about your company, products, brands, services or any kind of free solutions which you are offering. It will give a brief knowledge to your future clients regarding your company. GMB provide facility to provide direct call option. If someone finding your listings and wants to call then he can connect it from your GMB listing. Moreover, you can also save phone numbers from GMB listing in your device. You can set a location to navigate your customer on your physical store. Rate and Review option is great advantage in GMB. You can invite to your existing customer on your GMB listing to give ratings and review about your service. It will boost your ranking effortlessly. Some positive review will drag more new customers. Because when they find your listing they will definitely read review about your service and then decide to buy from you. So review and ratings will work as sales representative in GMB. Thus, it enhances your credibility and reputation. If someone is purchasing something from you and if he/she satisfied, you can anticipate questions and respond to them directly using the frequently asked questions feature. You can add some health and safety attributes to let people know what you have put in place to combat the current pandemic. Depending on the type of profession you are running, you can also publish posts on your Listing to promote your services, products, or an event your company is organizing. Other features might be available to you. For instance, if you are in the restaurant industry, you can display directly in your Listing if you offer takeaway or delivery options. The most important feature provided by Google My Business is having your website free of cost. If you are running your company with a low budget, do not worry, Google My business will enable you to build your website after listing your company. Now you can understand how powerful is Google My Business listing can be and what it can do for your company.

How to build and optimize Google listing


The next question is how you register your company in Google listing. So setting up a listing is very simple to start. First, you must have a Google account. It is possible Google knows about your company already and has created a listing for it. In such a case, it will appear in a suggested list. If it occurs, select it and continue and if not, click on, add your business to Google to start the setup process. Go to the setup step by step, and you will understand to register your company in Google My Business. Once you have created your listing, you will have access to your own Google map listing dashboard to manage your Listing. It is your control center from where you can edit all your listing details, create posts to promote your listing, respond to messages and reviews you may receive, etc. For those on a very tight budget, you can even create a free website from the dashboard that links directly to your Listing in just a few minutes. If you want to know how well your Listing is performing, you will also find out how users interact with it using the insight tool. You will discover how many calls or messages your Listing has generated.

How to rank on the first three listing?


It is possible that your listing can be ranked on the first three listings to get the potential lead for the company. The first and foremost crucial factor is the keyword. You must use the primary keyword of which is mostly searched of your industry when you optimize your business listing in Google. Let me illustrate, and I am running an online marketing company named Ace Digital Care. However, I have used Ace Digital Care along with Digital Marketing Company (Google Ads, SEO, Social Media) in Mahesana and Ahmedabad. So someone typed the keyword of Digital Marketing Company in Mahesana my Listing may be ranked. If I mentioned only Ace Digital care, it might not be indexed because only one keyword matches with a typed keyword, and that is Digital. So You must use your industry-related keyword. And do not forget to use your physical shop location as Google My Business is only focused on local business. Apart from your name, you should use your most significant keywords in GMB description. You should upload photographs, logo, profile photos of your company. These are some significant points that ensure the credibility of your listing. Of course, your listing will be registered without pictures and symbols, but it may not be ranked. Most important, you must post daily content on your listing. It will keep you ranking all the time. Create some events for your listing. If you are planning to conduct a business seminar or webinar then mention it on your GMB page. It would help if you created such events on the GMB. These all are the factors that affect your ranking positively.

Where Ace Digital Care involve in Site Structure


As you know, Listing on local business or Google My business is straightforward. Anyone can create it by having a simple understanding of computer literacy. But the important matter is whether your listing is ranking on the first three listings. If your listing is not ranked on the first three listings, it will not give you good results. The viewers mainly click out of the first three listings. So you should be on the first three business listings. We at Ace Digital Care are managing your Google listing on behalf of you and make sure to keep your listing rank on the first three business listings. We are mainly focusing on Keyword research. We use the best trending keyword of your industry or listing and optimize such keywords in your Google My Business listing, so your listing ranked on the first three business listings. Secondly, we at Ace Digital Care provide the best local SEO marketing service at an affordable price through the best content for your daily posting in your listings. Great content gives good engagement. This daily posting activity will also be aligned with social media marketing daily posting. We deal with the clients for social media marketing services, we take care of all social media marketing services, and we also take care of the Google my business in this service. So if you are interested in Social Media Marketing services for your business, then your Google my Business will take care of under this service.

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