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What is pay-per-click ad, and how can your marketing plan prove the best digital marketing strategy?
PPC ads are derivatives of Pay-Per-Click advertisement. It means that you have to pay some amount on each click as it shows in its name too. If you are searching for specific products or services in the search engine and the search engine delivers some results on the top. Any search result is showing 'Ad' is a paid result means the search engine has charged from the advertiser or business owner on each click. After clicking on the ad, the viewer will be landed on the website. The clicks could lead to website visits; it could be app visits, app installs, or it could be phone calls, so there are a lot of different things that you might pay for. It could be someone getting directions to your business, so all of those are different variations of paid advertising and pay-per-click advertisements that advertisers can run for their business. Whether the customer is interested or not in your business, whether they buy or not, once visitors click on the search result of your business, then you have to pay some amount to the advertiser of the system. Business owner use pay-per-click ads to promote their current offers, discounts on products, and services. So you can promote anything you want. You have to pay to get people to see your promotion. That is all about called pay-per-click.

Why is PPC important?

The present audiences are quite conscious about digital guidance. Before buying any product or service, they search it on the internet to get a cost-effective deal by comparing various brands and products. In these conditions, if you are not doing a PPC campaign, you are losing your valuable clients. You can use a PPC campaign to generate future leads and prospective customers. You can nurture them with valuable inputs via a PPC campaign. You can easily track the viewers who landed on your landing page via pay-per-click advertising. You can count each click, measure the expenses, and calculate the ROI from each ad spent, and accordingly, you can increase and decrease your ad budget. You can run this campaign with small capital. There is no need for a massive budget for a PPC campaign. PPC is a mighty system for new businesses to enhance their revenue to the next level within a short time.

Systems to run effective PPC campaign

The famous, well-known, user-friendly system or tool for pay-per-click is Google Ads. This Search Engine provides a platform for businesses to marketize their products or services on the Google website. Google Ads is a promotional tool of Google. Using this tool, you can run the PPC advertisement on search engines. Google Ads are also known as "Adwords," "Adsense." In the revolution of the 4G and 5G internet, and most probably in the prevailing condition in the world, most of the people across the globe are using the internet, so all business owners must explore their valuable online presence. The simple fundamentals of sales and marketing are that you should be presented where your potential audience is available. In today's scenario, people are available on the internet via technical devices or gazettes. So it is the mandatory duty of each marketer to establish strong online visibility. You should run a PPC advertising campaign because you will be able to focus on the audience which is most interested in your products and your services. pay-per-click advertisement can be proven robust plan while exploring your online promotional strategy. It is a good reason to run PPC advertising because you are going to be able to target the people who are going to be the most interested in your products and your services.
If you are planning for pay-per-click advertisement, you must be used Google Ads as your first PPC advertisement tool because with the help of Google ads, you can run pay-per-click advertisement on Search Engines and YouTube search engines. As you know, Youtube is the next biggest video search engine in the world after Google, and it is part of Google, so for the promotion on YouTube, you need to use Google Ads. You may think that I am emphasizing Google for the PPC platform because apart from Google, other players also offer good pay-per-click platforms like Bing Linkedin. Facebook and Instagram. These are also offering nice paid advertising platforms. Of course, these are the great players for paid advertisement, but for PPC, Google ads are the best option. Apart from PPC, Google ads are also used for running advertisement on Youtube. You can run skippable and non-skippable video advertisement on YouTube, increases your website traffic, enhance your brand awareness campaign, boost ups your subscribers and video views with the help of Google Ads. You can promote your android mobile application advertisement and encourage the download of your mobile application. You can use Google Ads for a brand awareness campaign or Branding, Email marketing, shopping advertisement on e-commerce channels. If you want to achieve maximum results from your digital marketing campaign, you must be kept Google Ads as the No.1 priority in your digital marketing plan.
pay-per-click is considered as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) too. Certainly, the difference between PPC or SEM and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is somewhat huge. In PPC or SEM, you have to pay to the platform or search engine where you run your PPC ad, whereas in SEO, you have to optimize your website according to the algorithm set by the search engine, and it will rank of the search result page. For that ranking, you need not pay anyone. Of course, you have to pay an SEO expert who optimizes your website in such a way so that it can rank on the search engine.

The process and requirement of PPC


If you are an advertiser and want to start with pay-per-click advertising, you must have a Gmail ID. You have to decide the monthly budget for the PPC campaign to determine how much you are willing to spend. Then the next will come that you must own landing pages or websites on which you are sending traffic for your pay-per-click advertisement. Another thing to consider is valuable content regarding your business, product, and services for description purposes. The content you use in your description will determine whether the visitor clicks on your ad or not. And last but not least, one skilled technical person to set up your Google Ads account and create an efficient and effective PPC campaign. Where the Digital Marketer plays a significant role without qualified digital marketing personnel, you may not run an effective PPC campaign. Your PPC campaign should be designed in a imperative way so that visitors attract to click on your ad, and after landing on your website, they should be convinced to buy your product or service. Do not forget to generate a conversion tracking code and install it on your landing page or website to measure the sales so you can track the overall results of your campaign. You should also generate the re-marketing code to invite the customers to your website again to run the profitable advertisement. Make an effective PPC ad campaign that will match your objective, targeting, and industries. Optimize your campaign periodically after launching it. Which are the top pay-per-click advertising platforms or pay-per-click advertising networks, whatever you want to call them. So Google ads, Microsoft advertising which was formerly bing advertisement. Some reputed social media channels also provide paid ad campaigns like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. I would recommend you start with Google ads and Microsoft advertising because that allows you to target people as they search. Now let me make you aware of some technical terminology pay-per-click Advertisement. The Google Ads used some technical terminology which you should be mindful of.

Technical Terminology of Google Ads/PPC

CPC: It is Cost per Click. You have to bid on the keyword, and Google will charge you based on the CPC. The amount payable to search engine on a click is defined as CPC, cost per click. CPC has many other types like Actual CPC, Enhanced CPC, Average CPC, Max. CPC.

Max.CPC:It is a type of bidding. You will be charged by the Google maximum called Max.CPC. The advertiser set it up. Google does not charge as per their desire. We have to set Max.CPC for effective pay-per-click campaign.

CTR:Click-through Rate means the percentage of the click of your ad. It is a crucial parameter for measuring the efficacy of advertisements. Higher CTR indicates good efficacy of ad. There is a unique formula to calculate the CTR. CTR= Click/ImpressionX100.

CPM:Viewable cost per mile. It is a measurement parameter when you run video views advertisement on YouTube. The amount paid by an advertiser on every 1000 impressions. There is a thin difference between impressions and views. Views mean an ad viewed by the viewers at 30 seconds so that it can be counted as view and whereas impression is when your ad is visible but not clicked by the visitor, and that is called an impression.

Advantage of the Google Ads.


If you want to run pay-per-click Advertisement as part of your digital marketing strategy, then you should go for Google Ads as your PPC advertising network as your priority. There are great benefit to choosing Google Ads.

1. Vast Audience:According to statistic, 90% of internet users use Google as a search engine, and almost 100% of users are using YouTube for video search engines. So Google has a vast group of audience. So if you run your PPC campaign on it, you can reach those huge audiences and you can maximize the opportunity for your business.

2.Trust: Google shows the best result for their customers, and therefore the customers are putting a lot of trust in Google. Its policy is very transparent and robust. It never allowed content that bears adult, violent, or including legal issues or which is not endorsed by the government of that country. Thus a marketer needs to run those advertisements that are proved to be righteous in their industry. Therefore if you are the best in your industry and want to get more customers, this is the best network to start your PPC Campaign.

3.Targeting:By using it, you can target the customer based on the language and location. So if you want to run your advertisement in a city where you cannot reach physically, this is the only platform because its penetration across the globe is very high.

4.Re-marketing:One kind of advanced promotion in digital marketing is available in this Google Ads. Now I would like to make you aware of remarketing. When someone is clicking on your paid advertisement or organic result, but somehow they do not buy your product or service. In that case, if you have set remarketing code on your website, you can invite the visitors by showing the display ad of your business again and again. Therefore there is a huge potential to convert them. And this PPC network provides an efficient remarketing facility.

5.Variation of different types of Advertisements:With the help of this network, you can run various advertisement like search engine ads shown on the search engine result page. Display ads for branding purposes and remarketing purposes. App installation and download Ads., shopping ads, YouTube Ad which include skippable (instream ad) and non-skippable ads (bumper ads), and Gmail advertising. So in one platform, you can run multiple advertisements based on your objectives.

Why you should choose Ace Digital Care for your PPC ad campaign.


Ace Digital Care is the best Google advertising Agency because our PPC campaign manager is very experienced in running and creating the PPC campaign for our client based on the intense research of the industry’s leader. Google ads are a very user-friendly tool. Anyone can run ads using this tool, but it is imperative to understand that it should be profitable. Running a paid ad on a search engine is very easy, but running a profitable ad that lowers the cost and increase the R.O.I. which is essential. Ace Digital Care focuses on profitable ads. Moreover, we optimize your campaign daily, and the same is reported to the client. Therefore the client can also see the result and outcome of the campaign.

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