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What is SEO friendly Website Structure


There are two technical terms used in this question: SEO, and the second one is Site structure. So let us discuss this terminology first for better understanding.

SEO is derivatives of Search Engine Optimization. The website rank or it triggered out on search engine when using certain types of keywords by the viewers. If your site appears on the first or second page of the search engine means your website is well optimized as per the required algorithm set by the search engine. This is SEO. (Search Engine Optimization). The association of internal links of our website is called site structured. In simple words, it is the layout plan of your site. Based on such a plan, you will create your business site. For Example, how many pages you want to build on your site, and, how many pages you want to differentiate between an informative page and a business page. Where you want to set your inquiry page or contact us page? What type of header and footer do you want to use and what are contents shall be used on each page, your contact number, your social media profile, your portfolio, and many more things. These are the main questions you must be addressed. Before hiring a website developer to design a new website, you must have some basic site structure.

It has been found that if you leave all the things on the developer, then he/she indeed makes your website, but it would be as per their point of view and approach. The developer may use some readymade templates, which will not fulfill your desire. Remember that website is not only your online visibility or digital address, but it is your 24 hours salesman. Your physical business may open only for a certain period, but your site will remain open all the time. Therefore it should be structured and designed so that your website gives you good revenue.

Why do you need Site Structure?


See, your website is most crucial part of your digital journey. It is the first communication point with your customers. They learn about your company, brand, and services and only find the information about it through your site. Of course, there are other platforms available to represent your company, but your website is like your home. It is your first address and communication point with customers. It also works as your digital sales representative and remembers it is your 24 hours sales executive because your site works throughout all the time. So, your site should be structured appropriately. Site structure means the straightforward navigation of your pages. The site structure is designed for the customer. Your site should be interlinked appropriately because a customer may not be confused about where to go. Proper site structure will guide your website visitors throughout your website very effectively and efficiently. Let me illustrate. If someone clicks on your site and if he/she goes through your Instagram page content and finds some Facebook information, then on the word of Facebook, the link should be opened in the page of your site bearing information about Facebook. Your site should be properly organized for excellent user-friendly experiences. The service and product pages are properly aligned so visitors can interact easily with each service. If you are creating a blog tag on your site, then your blog's content should have its separate page. This means each blog must have its separate page to improvise your navigation.

Website Design v/s website structure.


The website design or website development is normally carried out by a software engineer or website developer, or any other technical expert of this field. They have the number of clients to create a website. Normally, website designers use some readymade templates to save time for similar kinds of websites. Some of the high technical experts may do customized websites. But if you are not giving your goal, keyword, page title, description, etc., your developer will create the site without it. And remember, such sites will not be triggered on search engines result page. The digital marketing expert designs the site structure because the digital marketing expert only knows what keywords, descriptions, heading, contents, and page titles are appropriate and well optimized for your site. Means structure means blueprint of your site before designing it from website developer.

Site structure needed to avoid extra expense..

The most important thing to have a clear site structure is that you will save a lot of money. Just think, if you design your site from a website developer without any kind of site structure and when your website would not rank, you will hire an SEO executive to rank your website. Then he/she will give you some modifications of your site as per the search engine algorithm, and the website developer shall carry out such modifications. The website developer will again charge for these modifications. Therefore you may be punished to pay the additional cost for a similar task. Therefore you must have your site structure before creating a new website to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Where Ace Digital Care involve in Site Structure


As one of the best SEO experts in the digital marketing industry from Ace Digital Care, and we are offering the advanced SEO service, we are providing the best SEO-friendly site structure. We are not creating the website, but we are creating your site structure. And if you design your website as per our structure, your website will rank from the moment it is life from the first time. We use several paid tools while creating your site structure. As you know, keywords are the main weapons in SEO. You must have your industry's best keywords which are mostly pertinent with the real time search query. These all things shall be taken care of by our expert SEO executive.

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